Marian Gliese

From Bitter Pills to Sweet Eye Candy

Artist and Pharmacist Marian Gliese doesn’t doubt for a moment that she is put on this earth not to turn out pills but to bring pleasure and excitement to people with her feminine colorful art. She says “I grew up in a working class family where art had a pretty low priority and I was never encouraged to draw or paint.” When asked, she tells that art came into her life gradually. Her first experience with drawing and painting came during middle and high school from evening classes in porcelain painting with teachers from the Royal Danish Porcelain Company. Seeing two amazing exhibits of the works of Magritte and Chagall during high school she began to develop an interest in visual art. As this interest grew, she started to make her own paintings during the 1990s after graduating from the university. The idea of becoming an artist herself grew from there on. Today, she is happily working as a full-time artist.

Getting a masters degree in pharmaceutical science was an enormous feat since she was the first person in her family to even graduate high school. In spite of this achievement, her fascination with natural organic chemistry and the possibility to discover new useful drugs, she explains “nothing excites me as much as when I paint and when I look at a successful painting just completed.” It is a process she had to undergo where she went from wanting to invent medicine to becoming fascinated with the treasures of nature and their medicinal powers to being an artist urging to investigate and express the visual and spiritual side of nature.

In her art, she has maintained the passion for nature that she found during botany and anatomy lessons at the university and her paintings of sea shells, flowers, the body and other gems of nature radiate with this passion. Each painting vibrates with color and swirling flows celebrating nature’s glory. Tightly cropped, her paintings take on semi-abstract qualities and draw out the essence and beauty of the subjects. She says “when I paint, I work to find the sensuous personality of the subject and my paintings are like intimate portraits.” Marian Gliese has created a visual language of her own reflecting her artistic personality and sensibilities. Her art is passionate and alive and presents itself with a compelling presence.

Marian Gliese was born in Denmark in 1966. Her academic career was devoted to pharmaceutical science and she received her masters degree in 1991. At the university, classes in botany and anatomy stimulated an abiding love for nature that has become the source of her art today. Her pursuit of painting started after her university years and gradually grew into the desire to become an artist.

Setting out on a major adventure and life change, she moved to the USA together with her family in 1999. The first years thereafter were focused on her children and on experiencing her new home.

She resumed her art career in 2002, and in 2004 she made art her full-time occupation when she opened Studio Gliese together with her artist colleague, partner and husband, Ulrik Gliese. Today, Marian Gliese is prolifically creating new artworks and making them available through galleries, exhibits and her website.

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