The Art

Creating art is an essential part of my life. It gives me the possibility to discover and express things about myself and the world we live in.

On the surface, my pictures show my fascination with nature and all its details. Everything about our world from the grandest view to the tiniest grain of sand is significant and exciting in its own right. There is always a fresh way to look at things that gives me surprising new experiences and enriches my view on life.

I love going to the woods or the beach and look for objects such as shells, cones, stones, leaves etc. Often, the smallest and not always most perfect objects fascinate me. Wear and tear from the sun, wind and water make natural objects more interesting and reveal an inner beauty that is truly amazing but may take an extra effort to appreciate. It is this inner beauty that I work to discover and express through my art.

In my imagery of the human body, I seek the same kind of subtle beauty that I find in other objects - A beauty that is so different from the stereotype glamour. I am fascinated by the wonderful curves, colors and details that can be found in any human body. Painting the nude figure liberates me from the media induced obsession with "perfect" bodies and enables me to express the beautiful sensuality of "ordinary" bodies.

Underneath the surface, my art reflects me as an emotional being and as a woman. The female gender is often associated with vulnerability but at the same time has a deep strength rooted in the endurance of pain during menstruation and childbirth and in the required ability to care for children. Among other things, I express this vulnerability and strength and explore the sharp contrast but necessary interaction between the two. Another aspect that I investigate is the emotional side of female sensuality and sexuality and the borderline between them. Sexuality is unfortunately often still a taboo in our modern society and even our sensuality often suffers the same destiny because we cannot tell the two apart. We are sensual beings and being able to feel and express sensuality adds an emotional enrichment to our existence.

My art is generally semi-abstract in the sense that it may show an actual thing or person not the way it literally looks but rather transformed into an emotional landscape by the fusion of the object and my emotions. Abstraction is also achieved by blending similar forms found in different objects such as use of the rounded softness of the human body in a painting of a shell. To me art is about everything in life that makes us feel and I want my art to speak directly to our emotions not only to our intellect.